Old Tyme Chimney Sweep: Offering High-Quality Stainless Steel Chimney Liners in the MA Area

Specializing in chimney maintenance and repair, Old Tyme Chimney Sweep services range from thorough cleanings and inspections to the installation and replacement of the most integral part of your chimney: the liner.

Why Stainless Steel Chimney Liners?

The heart of a good fireplace experience begins with a solid, well-installed chimney liner. Traditionally, liners were made of clay due to its accessibility and cost-effectiveness. However, clay liners have a significant limitation. They don’t absorb and distribute the heat from your fireplace quickly and evenly, exposing your chimney walls to potential heat damage and corrosion.

Our answer to this issue is stainless steel chimney liners. Far more durable and efficient, these liners quickly distribute and absorb heat, thereby providing optimal protection for your chimney walls. What’s more, our stainless steel liners come with a Lifetime Guarantee, a testament to the confidence we have in their quality and durability.

Your Fireplace Safety is Our Priority

As experienced providers of chimney sweep and masonry repair services, we’re well aware that the allure of a fireplace extends beyond aesthetics. It’s about creating cozy, memorable moments with your loved ones. But for this to happen, it’s crucial that your fireplace and chimney are in top-notch condition.

From dealing with chimney leaks and creosote build-up to addressing issues with wood stoves and more, we’re up for any chimney-related challenge. Our comprehensive inspections aim to identify any structural flaws or potential problems, ensuring that your chimney and fireplace are safe for use.

Whether it’s the installation of a new stainless steel liner, a comprehensive chimney inspection, or a much-needed repair, we are ready to help home and business owners with chimneys in the area.

For more information, contact us today and let’s ensure that your fireplace remains a source of warmth, comfort, and safe enjoyment for many years to come.