Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer, feel free to contact us today.


Q. When should I sweep my fireplace chimney?

A. After every 1 cord of wood.


Q. When should I clean my woodstove?

A. After every 3 cord of wood.


Q. Should I put a cap on my chimney?

A. Yes, will keep animals and water out of fireplace and sparks of roofs.


Q. Should I have chimney waterproofed?

A. Yes it’s good to waterproof your chimney helps to keep out moisture and protects chimney from breaking down.


Q. How would I know if my chimney needs repairs?

A. You sometimes notice white efflorescence on face of bricks or in firebox.


Q. If I see cement on roof or ground?

A. Chimney inspection is needed.


Q. If I have fire going and smell smoke in another room?

A. Possibility liners are cracked need inspection.


Q. Oil burner is backing up in basement and oil tech has been there cannot figure out the problem.

A. There is a good possibility your chimney liner for oil burner is plugged up need cleaning from chimney sweep.


Q. If I’m in my attic and notice water streaks around my chimney or daylight?

A. Your flashing around chimney needs repairs or replacement.


Q. In fireplace my bricks are broken or cement between bricks are falling out.

A. Need to have repairs done before using fire hazard.