Fireplace Damper Repair & Installation

Fireplace Damper Repair Services

The typical fireplace is equipped with a chimney damper.  The purpose of the damper is to remain closed when the homeowner is not using the fireplace, then open as the fireplace begins warming the home.  The damper has the potential to rust just like every other chimney component after rainwater and acid flue gases combine.  If you find the damper is difficult to open or close, reach out to Cape Cod’s most trusted chimney repair specialist.

Old Tyme Chimney is here to determine if the small handle that controls your damper is the problem or if the damper itself needs repair.  We have provided damper repair for countless local homeowners in the greater Cape Cod area.  Though every damper has some rust, it might still be functional.  Let us analyze your home’s unique fireplace damper and we will determine the root cause of the problem, perform all necessary repairs, and get your fireplace back in working order.
Fireplace Damper Repair & Installation by Old Tyme Chimney Sweep

Fireplace Damper Installation

The installation of a fireplace damper is not a DIY (do it yourself) project.  The subtleties of this project matter a great deal.  From tightening damper screws to properly handling sheet metal with sharp edges and beyond, we sweat all the small stuff of the installation to get it done right on the first try.

If your fireplace lacks a damper altogether, Old Tyme Chimney will install one on your behalf.  The addition of a damper provides significant cost savings and also makes your home or business that much safer.  We will also provide guidance for damper use after the installation so you know exactly how to operate it.

Our Cape Cod chimney specialists are here to help you determine the specific type of damper that is best for your home or business.  A top chimney damper seals the top portion of the chimney, preventing pests, animals and other critters from moving down inside.  Alternatively, throat dampers might prove optimal for your unique home.

Reach out to us today at to find out more about our fireplace damper repair and installation services.  You can contact us by phone at 508-759-0930, by email at or by completing our contact form.