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The staff at Old Tyme Chimney Sweep knows how important your home is to you. We also know you only want the very best service when it comes to chimney and fireplace repair and maintenance. We provide tailored chimney sweep and masonry repair services in Dennis, MA at the right price. As a rooted, family owned and operated company, we provide fair pricing without any hidden costs or commissions. Old Tyme Chimney Sweep is dedicated to what we always do and provide you with great service and the highest quality of work.

Whether you’re looking for complete masonry repairs, a replacement stainless steel liner, a 16-point safety inspection, or regular cleaning, we have you covered. With more than 30 years of experience providing chimney sweep and masonry repair services in Dennis, MA, we have the experience and the expertise to conduct any chimney services you require and specialize in chimney leaks, repairs, sweeps, liners, fireplaces, wood stoves, and masonry work.

We put pride and effort into our work, which is covered by a 1-year guarantee. We’re also fully licensed and insured in Massachusetts.


Chimney Sweep & Masonry Repair Services

Having a fireplace adds beauty and classic elegance to your home. It can also provide you with a cozy, comfortable place to spend time with family and friends. When your fireplace and chimney look their best, it not only adds value to your home, but it makes it safe to enjoy fires indoors. Many families hesitate to light up their fireplaces because they’re not sure if their fireplaces and chimneys are structurally sound. They’re also worried about fires that occur as a result of creosote buildup. After a thorough inspection, Old Tyme Chimney Sweep can tell you if your fireplace and chimney are safe to use, and if they’re not, we’ll use our chimney sweep and masonry repair services to restore them and ensure their safety. If you’re concerned about chimney fires, a thorough cleaning will eliminate any risk of using your fireplace and allow you to enjoy curling up by the fire with your family and friends in the wintertime.


Professional Chimney and Fireplace Inspection With Creosote Removal

When you purchase a home with a fireplace, it’s often difficult to tell how long it has been since it was cleaned. A review of the chimney and fireplace in a house might be included during a home inspection, but if it’s not, you should have a chimney and fireplace inspection done to ensure they’re safe for fires before using them. An inspection can reveal if a chimney needs cleaning to remove creosote and other built-up soot and grime clogging your chimney or increasing the risk of chimney fires. A clogged chimney can prevent carbon monoxide from escaping your home and let smoke and harmful gases linger for longer than they should.

For those who don’t know what creosote is, it’s the buildup of the byproducts of the gas and fumes created by wood burning in your fireplace. The gas and fumes pass through your chimney and creosote can accumulate over time. This substance is highly flammable and can ignite when an ember comes into contact. The chimney cleaners at Old Tyme Chimney Sweep make sure this doesn’t happen by working around your schedule to remove creosote and tar buildup completely, allowing you to safely use your chimney again.

Besides creosote, there are other issues that affect your chimney and fireplace and make it unsafe to use or bring down the value of your home. Although the chimney and fireplace may look secure at first, small cracks or areas not sealed properly lead to leaks. If you notice wet or damp areas around your chimney during rain or snow, leaks in the chimney could be the cause. These damp areas can allow mold to grow and introduce a new hazard into your home, and the leaks can slowly lead to further damage to your chimney. It’s best to call on Old Tyme Chimney Sweep to perform chimney sweep and masonry repair services in Dennis, MA right away.

Our experts will inspect your chimney and fireplace to find areas where any seals have weakened or where wear has weakened the support structures. We make any necessary repairs and perform maintenance work to ensure your chimney and fireplace work properly and safely again.


Outstanding Efficiency and Longevity in the Chimney Cleaning Business

Old Tyme Chimney Sweep was founded in 1993 and is still a family owned and operated business today. After working for his father’s chimney sweep business in the 1980s, owner Dan Hill started Old Tyme Chimney Sweep by using the same spirit of hard work and integrity that served him well with his father’s business. The extra service and attention to detail makes Old Tyme Chimney Sweep stand out.

Not only do our staff members provide chimney sweep and masonry repair services, but we also work closely with every client to ensure the work we do is conducted on time, on budget, and according to your exact plans. You can be sure that, no matter how large or small, every project we do will be done right the first time. Whether you need maintenance and repairs, or a regular cleaning and inspection, customers continue to trust us with all of their chimney, masonry, and fireplace repair or cleaning needs and recommend us to their friends and neighbors.

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