Chimney Sweep & Masonry Repair Services in Cape Cod

Your Trusted Specialists in Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Ask locals in and around the greater Cape Cod area about Old Tyme Chimney’s sweep and masonry repair service and you will find we are revered by local homeowners and business owners alike.  We take pride in the quality of our work, backing it with a one-year guarantee.

Old Tyme Chimney is fully insured and licensed to work on chimneys throughout the entire state of Massachusetts.  We have more than three decades of experience performing chimney sweeps and masonry repair.

Chimney Sweep & Masonry Repair Services

Having a fireplace adds beauty and classic elegance to your home. It can also provide you with a cozy, comfortable place to spend time with family and friends. When your fireplace and chimney look their best, it not only adds value to your home, but it makes it safe to enjoy fires indoors.

We provide a wide array of chimney repair and masonry repair services including inspections, cleanings, and the replacement of stainless-steel liners.  From addressing chimney leaks to addressing problems with wood stoves and beyond, we embrace the challenge of everything chimney-related.  If there is creosote buildup, structural flaws, or any other problems, we will identify it in our inspection.  Above all, we will determine if your chimney/fireplace are safe for use and perform all necessary repairs for restoration.

Our work is backed by a one-year guarantee, providing you, the hardworking Cape Cod homeowner, with an invaluable peace of mind.

Chimney Sweep Services by Old Tyme Chimney Sweep

Chimney Inspection and Creosote Removal

When was the last time your chimney was inspected?  If it has been several years or several decades, the time is right for a professional inspection of both the chimney and the fireplace.  If we find creosote buildup, we will remove it to ensure your chimney poses no threat to you, your loved ones, visitors, and everyone else who steps foot inside your building.

Our professional chimney inspection identifies creosote as well as grime, soot and other gunk that clogs your chimney, creating the risk of fire.  A clogged chimney will block carbon monoxide from exiting the home, leading to the inhalation of smoke and other gases that compromise your health.  The bottom line is every Cape Cod homeowner and business owner should know creosote is a harmful buildup resulting from fumes and gas byproducts that can cause a fire upon contact with embers.

Aside from creosote, chimneys and fireplaces have the potential to lead to significant problems resulting from improper sealing and cracks that result in leaks.  If there are any damp or wet areas by the chimney when it is snowing or raining, a leak in the chimney might be the underlying problem.  Old Tyme Chimney addresses these flaws to prevent the growth of mold.  Leaks will cause additional damage so don’t delay the inspection and repair of your chimney even one day longer!

A Chimney Specialist You Can Trust

Repairing, maintaining, and reinforcing the integrity of a chimney is not a job for the inexperienced.  Our team has been in business for nearly three decades, providing Massachusetts homeowners and businesses with chimney repairs, cleanings, inspections, masonry repair service, and more.  We work hard, complete projects on time and always stay on budget.

Reach out to us today at 508-759-0930, by email at or through our contact form to  find out more about our chimney, fireplace and masonry services.