Chimney Cap Installation Cape Cod MA

Chimney caps are very beneficial to your chimney outside of the home. Without one, you’re susceptible to elements outside of your home getting into your chimney and calling it home. It also helps to prevent unwanted fires inside of your home. At Old Tyme Chimney Sweep, we can install a new chimney cap for your chimney in Cape Cod, MA.

What is a Chimney Cap? A chimney cap is a mesh or metal grate that covers the top of the chimney.

The Benefits of Chimney Cap Installation

Whether you need a chimney cap, or you need a new chimney cap to replace your old one, we have the installation team to ensure a safe and working chimney cap for you. Most homes have chimney caps because of the necessity of them.

  • Keep Animals/Rodents Out
  • Prevent Moisture from Rain/Snow
  • Protect Against Fires (Contain Burning Particles)

A chimney cap installation in Cape Cod, MA can make all the difference with maintaining a safe and working chimney and fireplace. It allows for less stress and maintenance issues down the road.

Why Choose Old Tyme Chimney Sweep?

We are not only a company that provides a wide range of chimney services, but we also provide personal customer service, so that we make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Our team is capable of maintaining, repairing, and installing parts for your chimney and fireplace.

With a chimney cap, you will save a large amount of money down the road for repairs and maintenance issues. A chimney cap ensures better protection against the outside elements, as well as fires from burning particles. With a regular cleaning and inspection, you’ll guarantee an even cleaner chimney and fireplace.

Looking for a chimney cap for your chimney in Cape Cod, MA? We can help! Contact Old Tyme Chimney Sweep at 508-759-0930 today or visit us online for more information!